Global Engineering Certificate

Global Engineering is focused on the idea that engineers have a key role to play in solving the world’s most complex problems.  Tackling these complex, interconnected problems – including food security, access to clean water, climate change, and global poverty – requires a specific skill set, including systems thinking, modern information flow techniques, interdisciplinary collaboration, and the ability to thrive in a global work environment.

The Global Engineering Certificate program aims to equip our future engineers with this skill set.  It is intended to prepare the next generation of engineers who will drive technical, commercial, social, economic, policy, and environmental change within our global society.  It aspires to inspire new generations of engineers to bring their engineering problem-solving skills to bear on the basic problems of inequality, climate change other social issues.

This program is the culmination of collaboration across Canada between university engineering programs and Engineers Without Borders Canada.  Memorial University is extremely excited to have been the first university to successfully implement the program.

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