Gearing Up for R2EP 2016


The Run to End Poverty (R2EP) is a Canada-wide event that aims to bring people together with a common goal: to eliminate extreme poverty in rural Africa. The system of poverty is incredibly complex. Rather than shying away from this, we’ve decided to embrace it and courageously commit to systemic thinking and innovative approaches to find impactful and sustainable solutions. Through R2EP we have the opportunity to reach out to thousands of people across the country with the message that we can and we will defeat poverty. Through incredible programs both in Canada and in Africa, R2EP’s support for Engineers Without Borders has the amazing potential to bring about a positive change in our world.

EWB MUN is gearing up for R2EP 2016!  Here’s how to get involved:

1. Register here to sign up for our run (you will get a sweet EWB tee from us to run in)
2. Register here to sign up for the race we are taking part in
3. Share our page and your own fundraising page all over social media and pass the word on to family, friends, coworkers, or anyone you can think of who might want to donate.

Check out our R2EP Facebook event here as well!

For more information contact: or

Looking forward to seeing  you all at the run!