Fair Trade Campus Designation

FairTrade-Logo.svgThis week, our chapter is celebrating Memorial University’s designation as a Fair Trade Campus!  This is a designation that our chapter has been working to obtain for a long time.  The Fair Trade Campus designation means that our university offers Fair Trade options for many popular products amongst students, including coffee, tea, and chocolate.  It also means that we now have an active Fair Trade Committee at our school with representation from EWB MUN as well as MUNSU and the university’s food service providers.  This committee will work to ensure that the university offers ethical food choices.

The Fair Trade Campus designation was announced during an EWB Fair Trade Celebration as a part of Fair Trade Campus Week.  Several important figures  in the university came out to show their support, including Dr. Gary Kachanoski (University President), Dr. Cecilia Reynolds (Deputy Provost), Dr. Suzanne Hurley (Engineering Professor and Committee Member), Toby Rowe (Memorial Sustainability Office Committee Representative), Matt George (MUN Dining Representative) and Hillary Bellows (MUNSU Committee Representative).  Other EWB MUN and MUNSU members were also present

We are very proud of our chapter members who have worked tirelessly to reach this goal.  Particular appreciation goes out to Bethany Roberts and Brandon Collier, our chapter’s Fair Trade leads.

The Canadian Fair Trade Network wrote an article about our newfound Fair Trade Campus designation – Check it out here!  We were also featured in The Gazette, Memorial’s campus newspaper – take a look at that article here.


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