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EWB is committed to helping the Canadian engineering profession become aware of it’s potential for positive impact on the world.
We are doing so by integrating social concepts into engineering programs at some of Canada’s most prestigous engineering schools. This is better equipping students with the skills needed to address some of the most pressing global challenges with the analytical and pragmatic mindset of the Canadian enginee.
At the same time, we are working with some of Canada’s premier engineering leaders to open a dialogue about the importance of a global engineering mindset. These leaders are pioneering changes to the profession at a broad level, to help shift how engineers see their professional commitment to social change.
This year EWB:
Reached 15,000 engineering students at Canada’s top engineering programs
Supported 250 faculty members and administrators to promote global engineering concepts
Reached 22,000 youth with our Engineers Serve the World (ESTW) campaign

Global Engineering Certificate Information Session

EWB MUN is excited to announce that MUN is the first university in Canada to offer the Global Engineering Certificate!

The Global Engineering Certificate is part of EWB Canada’s Global Engineering Curriculum venture. The certificate recognizes the development of an awareness of globalization and its impact on engineering practice, capability of practicing leadership and interdisciplinary skills, competency in exploring complex societal issues and an ability to apply technical skills in a global context.

There is no cost or time limit to complete this certificate and Engineers Without Borders Canada has staff to support students throughout the process.

On Wednesday, October 22nd, EWB will hold an information session about the new Global Engineering Certificate EWB is offering in partnership with the Faculty of Engineering! It will take place in EN 2040 from 1-2pm. All faculty and students are invited to attend! If you are unable to attend but are interested in finding out more, please email

Happy Tuesday!