Atlantic Retreat & Global Leadership Conference

During the weekend of June 24th-26th, Memorial University was home to the annual EWB Atlantic Retreat as well as the first Global Leadership Conference. Each of these events took months of planning, and having them come to fruition was an amazing experience for all involved.

The EWB Atlantic Retreat invited members from the University of New Brunswick and Dalhousie University, as well as members of EWB National Office. The day’s events focused on values, mindfulness, and task management through various presentations and team-building exercises. Chapter members participated in a number of tasks ranging from Lego building competitions to meditation, with focus on EWB values and goals for the coming year.



Discussion, reflection, activities and fun made Atlantic Retreat a fantastic day

Memorial’s first Global Leadership Conference was a definite success. Through the dedication and hard work of members of EWB MUN, Rotaract, RADHOC, Enactus, MUNHOPE, MUN Minds, and WISE US, the weekend presented delegates with a variety of speakers and panels, as well as presentations from the organizing groups. The weekend allowed delegates to engage in discussion regarding current and future issues, including a panel about Newfoundland’s economic climate by Kim Keating, Dr. Wade Locke, and John Abbott. As well, delegates had the choice to attend breakout sessions such as “Failure is Always an Option” which was organized by EWB, and “A Practical Guide to Networking” with Susan Sparkes which was organized by WISE US.



All smiles at Global Leadership Conference, through workshops, panels and community bonding

Overall, the weekend gave participants a chance to network with members of various organizations on a personal and professional level, while also providing individuals with a multitude of resources and skills.  We are inspired by the enthusiastic participation of all those who attended, and we look forward to hosting more retreats and conferences in the future.

This weekend wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing efforts of our chapter members, EWB National Office and the other MUN groups listed above.  A special thank you goes out to EWB MUN members Taylor Chalker, Ian Connors and Anna Gosine who dedicated a huge amount of time and energy to ensuring this weekend was a success.  We are very proud of your courageous commitment to this initiative.