Reasons to get involved

“EWB has opened my mind to a new way of thinking. My whole life, I have been an Introverted person. I didn’t see the power of communication to create change; discussion about global issues seemed like a waste of time. I wanted to act to create change, and avoid human interaction at all costs. Looking back now, I realize how naive I was, and how much EWB has helped me grow as a person. Becoming involved with EWBs advocacy team has made me realize the enormous power afforded to those who have a voice. Change can be created by communicating, by sharing and listening and learning from others experience. I broke out of my shell and began to explore the power of my voice within government and policy. I began to realize – who was I to have kept this great gift from the world for so long? All I had to do was to reach out, and plant the seed of my passion in the minds of others. This was confirmed over the course of my mind blowing experience at EWB national conference. I learned through the passionate and fearless people I interacted with at conference. I realized that the personal risk I take in reaching out is astronomically overshadowed by the global risk I take in staying silent. EWB has taught me the value of information that others can provide; it has taught me how to communicate with an open mind; it has taught me to reject my inhibitions and fear of failure. I can honestly say I would not be the person I am today without my involvement in EWB MUN.” – 2nd year EWB MUN member


“Personally, EWB has impacted me in many ways. It has encouraged me to step up and be a leader, taught me that it’s okay to not have all the answers, and shown me that WE can make a difference.” – 2nd year EWB MUN member


“EWB was a great thing to get involved in! I have only been involved for a semester and a half yet, I already feel like I have become well settled into a role that fits me. I am interested in a greater view of the world and contributing to end poverty on a global scale, however, I was sceptical that a student run group in Canada had the ability to make any really difference. I have learned through EWB that there are many unique yet effective ways a student group can contribute to the global effort. With EWB MUN I was given an opportunity to put my efforts toward one area that can make real change, advocacy. After being involved with EWB for only half a semester, I began interacting directly with our government, meeting on behalf of EWB with the MP for ST. John’s East. This thoroughly engaging involvement has improved my understanding of global issues, their place in Canadian politics and my soft skills on the whole. By bringing the topic of global development to the table I feel like I have help in the best way I can. Global Development will forever be integrated into my view of the world because of my involvement with EWB. I have met some great and like-minded people as well, which is always a good thing! EWB MUN is an excellent group to be involved in if you are interested in finding a way you can effectively contribute to ending poverty globally.” – 1st year EWB MUN member


“EWB is an organisation where like minded people connect and create. EWB fosters new ideas, nurtures new projects, and supports new ways of tackling problems, both old and new. In a daily routine, new properties emerge and soon everything can be seen as a system when taking an EWB approach to life. Systems thinking becomes integrated in everything you do and everything you think. A policy which isn’t only open to, but accepts and even encourages failing forward is one of the key aspects which makes Engineers Without Borders something I am proud to be a part of. Without having to fear failure, I can advance my ideas unimpeded, unafraid, and hopefully one day I can make my impact, helping to change the world we live in.”