Gearing Up for R2EP 2016


The Run to End Poverty (R2EP) is a Canada-wide event that aims to bring people together with a common goal: to eliminate extreme poverty in rural Africa. The system of poverty is incredibly complex. Rather than shying away from this, we’ve decided to embrace it and courageously commit to systemic thinking and innovative approaches to find impactful and sustainable solutions. Through R2EP we have the opportunity to reach out to thousands of people across the country with the message that we can and we will defeat poverty. Through incredible programs both in Canada and in Africa, R2EP’s support for Engineers Without Borders has the amazing potential to bring about a positive change in our world.

EWB MUN is gearing up for R2EP 2016!  Here’s how to get involved:

1. Register here to sign up for our run (you will get a sweet EWB tee from us to run in)
2. Register here to sign up for the race we are taking part in
3. Share our page and your own fundraising page all over social media and pass the word on to family, friends, coworkers, or anyone you can think of who might want to donate.

Check out our R2EP Facebook event here as well!

For more information contact: or

Looking forward to seeing  you all at the run!


Atlantic Retreat & Global Leadership Conference

During the weekend of June 24th-26th, Memorial University was home to the annual EWB Atlantic Retreat as well as the first Global Leadership Conference. Each of these events took months of planning, and having them come to fruition was an amazing experience for all involved.

The EWB Atlantic Retreat invited members from the University of New Brunswick and Dalhousie University, as well as members of EWB National Office. The day’s events focused on values, mindfulness, and task management through various presentations and team-building exercises. Chapter members participated in a number of tasks ranging from Lego building competitions to meditation, with focus on EWB values and goals for the coming year.



Discussion, reflection, activities and fun made Atlantic Retreat a fantastic day

Memorial’s first Global Leadership Conference was a definite success. Through the dedication and hard work of members of EWB MUN, Rotaract, RADHOC, Enactus, MUNHOPE, MUN Minds, and WISE US, the weekend presented delegates with a variety of speakers and panels, as well as presentations from the organizing groups. The weekend allowed delegates to engage in discussion regarding current and future issues, including a panel about Newfoundland’s economic climate by Kim Keating, Dr. Wade Locke, and John Abbott. As well, delegates had the choice to attend breakout sessions such as “Failure is Always an Option” which was organized by EWB, and “A Practical Guide to Networking” with Susan Sparkes which was organized by WISE US.



All smiles at Global Leadership Conference, through workshops, panels and community bonding

Overall, the weekend gave participants a chance to network with members of various organizations on a personal and professional level, while also providing individuals with a multitude of resources and skills.  We are inspired by the enthusiastic participation of all those who attended, and we look forward to hosting more retreats and conferences in the future.

This weekend wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing efforts of our chapter members, EWB National Office and the other MUN groups listed above.  A special thank you goes out to EWB MUN members Taylor Chalker, Ian Connors and Anna Gosine who dedicated a huge amount of time and energy to ensuring this weekend was a success.  We are very proud of your courageous commitment to this initiative.


Junior Fellow Update

A few VOTO team members including our JF, Alycia!

Our chapter had a call tonight with our Junior Fellow this summer, Alycia Leonard.  Alycia is in Ghana working for the EWB venture VOTO Mobile.  VOTO is a social enterprise which amplifies the voices of the underheard.  They do surveying and information distribution to enable smarter, more responsible development.  Check out VOTO’s website here and their EWB venture page here for more information on what they do.  We’re so excited for her and to learn from her experience this summer.

To keep up with Alycia while she’s away, check out her blog at

Beat the Crap Out Of Poverty


On March 30th, our chapter held a successful Beat the Crap Out of Poverty fundraiser.  If you’re not familiar with the concept, this is how it works:

  • We acquire a written-off (yet mostly intact) car
  • We park it near the University Centre
  • We bring a sledgehammer, safety goggles, gloves and waivers
  • We let you do the rest

For $2 a smack, $5 for a 30-second brawl or $10 for a full-minute smack-down, this event drew students from far and wide who came to vent their pre-finals frustration.  It was a great day with lots of laughs.

Our local CBC news even dropped by to see the action!  The event was featured on the radio and the evening news.  Check out a montage they put together here.

We would like to thank Avalon Towing for graciously donating the car for our destruction and for delivering it to campus.  This event would not have been possible without their support.

We would also like to congratulate the event coordinator, Steve Collins, and all volunteers who helped to pull off such an awesome fundraiser.


Chapter Retreat

Our chapter hosted a retreat on Saturday, March 12 for our members.  We had a fantastic time doing workshops in systems mapping, food systems, collaboration through movement, chapter goal-setting and planning for next year.  Our members found this a very beneficial opportunity to bond and collaborate.  We hope to make chapter retreats a more regular occurrence!  Special thanks to Grace Marcoux for organizing such a wonderful day.

A creative chapter bonding exercise that Mohamed brought back from conference!